Recent Sermons

How To Hear The Voice Of God 2 Parts

Do you find it hard to hear the voice of God? Do you wonder if it is really God speaking? In this series you will discover read more...

Fighting Life's Battles 1 Part

In this message Dr. John shares on How to Fight and Win in life.

Prosperity 1 Part

"God's Plan For Prosperity." You will learn that prosperity is promised to us and the steps to walk in it.

GodFathers 1 Part

“The Role Of Fathers”. God is a Father, born again people are His children. Learn how God Fathers His read more...

2 Parts

Are you limiting God with your own mouth? Where do you see yourself in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years? The words we read more...

8 Part Spring Series

It is time to begin a new season of growth in your life.

It Is Written - 4 Parts

One of the most important things in a believer's life is God’s Word. It is the foundational stone we build our lives read more...

From This Day Forward - 5 Parts

Tired of watching marriages crumble? Fed up with couples giving up? Would you like to guarantee that read more...

The Blessed Life - 3 Parts

In this series you will hear from Dr. John Polis as he shares on THE BLESSED LIFE: Breaking Curses and Releasing Blessing.

Prayer and Fasting - 1 Part

In this message hear Debbie Croston as she shares on the benefits and rewards of prayer and fasting from Isaiah 58.

New Year - 1 Part

One of God’s most fervent desires is for us to prosper in our souls. This means to mature spiritually, fully grown read more...

The Spirit Of Christmas - 3 Parts

Merry Christmas comes from the Presence of God in our lives. This is the enduring gift we receive through read more...

Give Thanks - 1 Part

The Giving of thanks is so very powerful! When we say "Thank You" - it powerfully changes hearts and read more...

Joy In The Junk - 1 Part

In this message with Debbie Croston we are going to look at the 3 things that we do to keep us from the Fullness read more...

Winning Life's Battles - 1 Part

On this Veteran's Day weekend we celebrate the heroism of many people and the victories that our US military has won in read more...

Ap. Damir Alic - 1 Part

Dr. Damir Alic from Zagreb, Croatia has survived Communist persecution for his faith, being under siege during the Bosnia War read more...

Wendy Walters - 1 Part

Wendy Walters is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Publisher, Author, and Marketing Expert. You will be enriched read more...

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