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Brian and Mikaelah - Financial Breakthrough

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M: In September of last year on our family vacation, my husband got a call from the owner of his company letting him know that they were eliminating his position and terminating his employment. We were shocked, scared, and weren’t really sure what to do. I worked part-time but he was certainly the primary breadwinner and we were very dependent on his income.

B: After praying about my career and seeking council from church leadership, we both agreed that God wanted me to transition into doing Real Estate full time. We had lots of peace about the change but financially things looked pretty bleak. We knew that we were going to have to believe God to help us make ends meet. Our savings were getting depleted quickly. We weren’t really sure how we were going to pay our bills once it did. Things seemed to go from bad to worse as the money ran out. Now, we’ve always been tithers since we were first saved. We’ve sown, but its been very sporadic. Our giving was definitely not disciplined and to be honest just continuing to tithe required some faith.

M: A few months ago, God spoke to Brian and told him that he should sow 10% like we tithe 10%. At first, I wondered if he heard right. I knew he was right and that he had heard from God so we agreed and we began sowing an additional 10% on top of our tithe. At first, honestly, things seemed to get worse. We had to depend on family and others to buy us groceries at times and bills were being paid late. We had to continue to stay in faith that we were doing what God told us to do despite how bad the circumstances looked.

B: For about 10 years, we’ve used a goal board with written measurable goals to keep the vision for our house set before our eyes.

M: 2 years ago, under my professional category, I wrote the following: “The owners of my company will create a position for me working part-time as a company trainer” and I wrote the specific salary I wanted to make. Well, around 1-2 months after we began sowing the 10%, I walked by the goal board in the office one day and God said “Highlight that!” So I did. I highlighted the professional goal with a pink highlighter. And one week later, my boss texted me out of the blue and said, “We are doing some corporate restructuring and I would like to know if you have in mind any positions which we could create that would increase sales and help the company.” Well, I was blown away and I emailed him my suggestions and one of these suggestions was the corporate trainer position, which I was believing God for. Two weeks later, my boss called me into his office and offered the corporate trainer position to me, the one that I suggested to him and the one that I had been believing for. Our next meeting to finalize everything is where God really showed off. They nearly doubled what I made last year. My salary is more than what I wrote on the goal board and now almost replaces what Brian was making in his previous job. My first check in this corporate trainer role will be 4x what my last paycheck was due to back commissions that they are paying me.

B: Even in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances, we’re so incredibly grateful to God for his love, mercy, and provision. We are also grateful for the financial teachings that we’ve heard and learned over the years here at Faith Church International. We are truly blessed.

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