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Cindy - Healed of Polycystic Kidney Disease

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At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with a kidney disease called polycystic kidney disease. It was a disease that my father had and he died of the disease when he was 46. Later on in my life, the disease took over my life and I had to decided whether I wanted to go to the grocery store, or go to the doctor, or go to church for the week. This disease stole so much of my life. I went from working a normal day to not even being able to make a sandwich for myself, getting out of bed, to do anything on a normal activity level.

It came to the time in the hospital when the nurse came to my ear and told me basically that I didn’t have much time left and wanted to know what my final requests would be. And when the nurse came and whispered in my ear I had lost all hope.

I asked her to call my family, and my church family, and asked them to start praying.

And, when my family came in and my church family came in and started to pray for me, the pain that I had been experiencing for the last 10-12 years, when the prayers started going up, the pain in my body left and it has never returned to this day.

They told me in the hospital that I’d be there a month. They told me that, you know, my kidney function would not bounce back. They told me that it was permanent. That I’d have to go on kidney dialysis. They told me that this, that there were no chances of my kidneys ever bouncing back.

The one doctor told me, that when I told him “No. I was living by faith” and he told me this is hereditary, you know your dad died from this, that your brother is on his way to death, and I told him ‘no I was gonna live by faith’ and he told me I was in denial. I said “what you said is denial, I call faith”. So I fired him, basically. And found a doctor that is bible believing, faith believing doctor and him and I are working together with the prayer of the people here at church and my family. And my kidney function has went from 6% to 31% in a year.

This time a little over a year ago, this time last year, I was bedridden, walking with a cane, walking with a walker, could barely keep awake. This year I’m out running the halls at the church, running the halls at my house, and riding go-karts with my kids. So, that’s what difference that prayer and believing God can make in your life.

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