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Rachel Ware - Healed from hip pain

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Around mid-November I started feeling like my right hip was out of joint. It gave me trouble when I bend at the waist, like for picking things up, and at those times I’d feel like I was going to fall over even before I had the chance to straighten back up.

Moving from sitting to standing also gave me pain, so I pushed myself up with my arms a lot to avoid putting pressure on my hip. Tasks that usually were easy became more complicated.

I seriously thought about going to a chiropractor but I wanted to give God a chance to fix me first. So, I went upfront for prayer after service on a Sunday morning. And Karen Ford and Sharon Mallow were upfront and prayed for my hip and spoke for it to reconnect and realign. And then afterward I tested it, and I moved around, I touched my toes, I kicked around, and found out I didn’t have any more pain. And it was all gone. That night even I could sleep on my side where I hadn’t been able to for a very long time.

Over the next few days the hip pain started to come back again. But I didn’t accept it. God’s healing power is stronger than the devil. And I would say “By Jesus’ stripes I’ve been healed!” and “God began a good work in my body and he’s going to complete it!” I wasn’t going to let my healing be stolen from me.

Because I chose to believe God and fight to keep my healing, my hip is fully healed and I’m fully able to do whatever I need to do.

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