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Sara - Overcoming Panic and Fear

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I recently hurt my shoulder and the orthopedist I went to wanted me to have an MRI with contrast. The procedure to inject the contrast into my shoulder joint was quite uncomfortable, but prayer prior to my appointment gave me the courage to endure it with humor and a good spirit. However, the MRI itself was what worried me the most as I am claustrophobic.

During the procedure I kept my eyes closed and focused on trying to relax to endure, as the MRI was going to take at minimum of 40 minutes. Panic quickly set in. My breathing quickened and I felt I was going to hyperventilate. I wanted out of the MRI machine at all costs. However, I started praying, casting the enemy out and simply repeating the Lord's Prayer, because in my fear and panic I could not form other thoughts.

Immediately a calming and peaceful feeling came upon me. My breathing slowed to a relaxed and calm pace. I knew I could endure the MRI and that I was not alone. Three more times this intense fear and panic came over me and each time I prayed a sense of peace came upon me. Without the Lord I would have succumbed to the fear and panic the enemy was placing upon me. All things are possible through Christ, when you pray he answers. I am blessed to have gotten through my MRI and the experience reinforced to me that God truly is my refuge.

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