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Zech - Miraculous Protection from Harm

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I work at Mountaineer Grill over in Meadowbrook. Me and my coworker, Jason, went in and were doing our morning routine of opening the restaurant. Usually, I go in and I have my headphones on, praying and listening to music. I start down the line and the deep fryers are usually the first thing I come up to, to turn on. I stoop down to turn it on and the first one lit. I move on to the second one and I turn it on and don’t hear the flame catch, so I looked down and I turned it off real quick and saw there was no pilot light lit. So as I have done many times before, I walk over to our range and light a match and come over and I stoop down to light it and it doesn’t catch until I actually touch the pilot.

Once I take that flame and touch the pilot the whole front line explodes in a giant ball of flames. Me being right in the center of it I felt the punch and I didn’t really know what to do so I am just sitting there. Jason drops what he is doing and starts yelling, “what was that?" The whole building shook and the lady that was all the way on the other side of the building said she felt the building shake, so she came over and was asking if she needed to call 911 and if everybody was alright.

I didn’t get hurt or anything. So me and Jason were standing there talking about it and our front house manager comes in and we tell him whats going on and what happened and he just looks at me and said you didn’t even lose any of your hair on your face or your arms, and I didn’t even realize it until he pointed it out. I looked down and looked at my arms and checked my face and I was completely alright, it was like God had his hand on me.

It was one of those things you can’t explain, it was one of those things that only God can do, and God can do that stuff and it is just awesome and wonderful.

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