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Dr. John Polis

Saved and spirit filled in 1974, John was called to ministry and graduated from Dayton Bible College with a BA in Biblical Studies in 1980, and Master of Divinity from Florida Beacon College and Seminary in read more...

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March 2015 - Critical Spirits

One of the first signs of "evil pride" in the life of a believer is the development of what I call a "critical spirit.” This spirit seeks to cause an individual to always be looking for something evil in read more...

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Elke Polis.

A few weeks ago, I started having pain in one of my fingers on my right hand. It began to throb and cause discomfort throughout my entire day. Raising three small children, I knew that this is something that I didn’t want to live with for the rest of my life.

I remember my grandma having this kind of pain and I began to fear that I was developing the beginning stages of arthritis. A few weeks ago, I was at a Wednesday night church service and the presence of God was so strong. As the power of God hit the service, Tim kept saying “There’s victory in the air!”. Then Debbie Croston came forward and heard God saying that someone... read more