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Our mission at Faith Church TV is to help lead you into an encounter with God, bring restoration to your life, and help equip you to bring change to your world.

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Dr. John Polis

Saved and spirit filled in 1974, John was called to ministry and graduated from Dayton Bible College with a BA in Biblical Studies in 1980, and Master of Divinity from Florida Beacon College and Seminary in read more...

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July 2015 - The Three Most Important Decisions In Life

Life doesn’t give people what they want, but what they believe. Everyone wants nice things, good health, and happy days, but they don’t happen automatically. Making right choices is what determines read more...

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Walking With God

Hebrews 11:5 By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, “and was not found, because God had taken him”; for before he was taken he had this testimony, that... read more
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How To Produce Abundance In Your Life

Pastor Siang Hup

I was given Dr. John Polis' book How To Produce Abundance as a gift. It is a gift that I will treasure. It opened my eyes and awakened me to the fact that God's divine plan for me is an abundant life. The practical applications in the book really serve as an encouragement. Not only did I read the book but have preached the information in the book to my congregation. They too have testified of being awakened to planting the seeds ... read more