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Dr. John Polis

Saved and spirit filled in 1974, John was called to ministry and graduated from Dayton Bible College with a BA in Biblical Studies in 1980, and Master of Divinity from Florida Beacon College and Seminary in read more...

Dr. John's Blog

April 2015 - Steps To Achivement

God is strategic in His plans and purposes. He has procedure that makes the universe work without interruption; He also works in our lives according to these procedures. The Psalms tell us, “the steps of a good man are read more...

Recent Series


Everyday Evangelsim

With guest Ken Pounders.
Ken Pounders came to know the Lord at an early age. But through the course of his teenage years he lost sight of God’s purposes for... read more
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New Creation Realities

We are new creations in Christ. The resurrection of Christ marked a new beginning when God started a new creation of people with Christ as the first of many. The new creation has a new way of thinking, believing, and speaking.
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Palm Sunday

Christ Our King

Join Timothy Polis as he talks about our reigning King and learn about the significance of His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
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Miraculous Protection From Harm

Zech Hamrick

I work at Mountaineer Grill over in Meadowbrook. Me and my coworker, Jason, went in and were doing our morning routine of opening the restaurant. Usually, I go in and I have my headphones on, praying and listening to music. I start down the line and the deep fryers are usually the first thing I come up to, to turn on. I stoop down to turn it on and the first one lit. I move on to the second one and I turn it on and don’t hear the flame catch, so I looked down and I turned it off real quick and saw there was no pilot light lit. So as I have done many times before, I walk over to our... read more