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First Step

To acquaint new believers and those wanting a refresher with the six  key building blocks needed for a growing experience in Christ. Which are prayer, bible study, stewardship, evangelism and community.

Next Step

For those seeking membership with Faith Church International you will learn the vision of Revival Fellowship International, learn the mission of Faith Church International, and will complete a survey of ministry opportunities for members.

Leader Step

For those seeking to increase their influence in life and become an effective leader. The three areas that will be covered are Relationships: Study in personality styles, Ministry: Study in spiritual gifts, and Maturity: Characteristics of a mature believer in Christ.

How To Study The Bible

If you have wanted to learn more about the Word of God but didn’t know where to begin then this class is for you. You will be equipped with the tools you need to effectively study the Word of God and allow His promises to change your life.

Responding To The Call

Over the years, Craig has earned a reputation as a dynamic and motivational speaker. The burden and passion he carries for the lost is contagious. His love and zeal for the Lord allows witnessing to flow naturally and with ease. His heart is set as flint for equipping the local Church to reach the lost, and to impact their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.